Orange You Glad I’m Not a How-To Instructor?

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I took these back when oranges were in season and a regular part of my diet. Perfect on a hot day! A bit messy though (okay, very very messy), but they were good thirst quenchers.


What I do to cut them, is take a knife and cut all the way around one way, then the other way  (think if you were wrapping it like a present with a bow). Cut just deep enough to break through the outer skin/pulp. Twist, and you should have something that looks like this:


Pull the halves apart to get wedges. (To remove skin, take pointed end of wedge, pull it back, and stick your finger right between where the pulp meets the flesh of the fruit. Push your finger around under the flesh to separate it from the pulp.)


I know, I know. I should stick to taking pictures.

It’s pretty amazing that God created fruit all pre-packaged for us (preservatives not required!). The orange was designed with you in mind– it didn’t come about by chance! Something to think about next time you’re pealing fruit.

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