When Normal Is Wrong

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Most of us would admit we’re all pretty normal people. Sure, we have our talents and unique qualities– but at the end of the day, we’re all just doing the normal thing. Work. Eat. Play. Rest. Repeat.


As a Christian, I realized that you can’t stay normal and live for Jesus. You just CAN’T. As Christian author and speaker, Leslie Ludy put it, “When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, we exchange the normal and comfortable, for the radical, extreme, and foolish. Normal Christianity means never being normal again.”


Take a look at this flower. I like to call it our “Exotic Flower” because it’s well…different from our other flowers. It sprouts up for a week or few, and then it’s gone. Oh, and it looks even more insane in person.


It isn’t the normal, run of the mill little daisy in the garden. I don’t even know what it is… but I get really excited when I see it come out!


In the same way that this flower is well… Not normal, neither should we be.


Later in the article, Leslie Ludy went on to say, “Amy Carmichael sacrificed her right to be married and chose instead to spend her life rescuing 1,000 children from being sold into temple prostitution in India.” This is only one example of the very un-normal life a true Christian can take up when they believe.


If you think you can be a Christian and still be normal, you’re wrong. You can’t keep one foot in the pool and the other in the hot tub– eventually, you’ll leave one for the other.



So don’t be normal! Be what some would call crazy for Christ and dedicate your thoughts, soul, time, life, body, and all you have to God. That’s what believing is.


“Love will come to save us, if we only call. He will ask nothing from us, but demand we give our all.” -Love is Not a Fight by Warren Barfield




P.S.- here’s the link to the full article by Leslie Ludy called “Normal Christianity”:


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