Trusting and Resting

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This is a squirrel.


We tend to get many, many, MANY of these in our yard. And they have quite the “squirrelly” personalities (pun intended).


This particular squirrel apparently is very trusting.


“Trusting? What do you mean by trusting? He looks more like he’s sleepy to me” you may be saying right now. Let me explain.


It takes trust to rest on some random wooden swing set. For all the squirrel knows, it could be loaded with termites or be improperly built, which could result in some danger on his part. But no, he doesn’t seem worried at all, does he? He took one look at that beam and said “I’m gonna take a nap there– looks comfy to me!”



Every time we do something, we’re trusting. When we walk around, we’re trusting that the floor won’t cave through, and when we sit in a chair, we trust it will sustain our weight. When we wake up, we trust that the sun will rise, and when we go to sleep we trust there will always be a tomorrow. We trust the TV and lights and microwave will work when we turn them on, and that our food will nourish our bodies. We trust in a lot of things, and like the squirrel, we find comfort and rest in that assurance.


In the same way, when we trust in Jesus Christ, believing He died for our sins and paid them off perfectly as only He can, we find rest for our souls.


“Jesus, I am resting, resting, In the joy of what Thou Art! I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart” -the hymn “Jesus I am Resting, Resting”


“Trust in The Lord God, He is unfailing! He is the strength of my heart evermore!” -(not sure of the hymn title)




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