Pepper Your Life

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Ever notice how the salt shaker has fewer holes (or smaller ones), than the pepper shakers do?


Or maybe you thought that was the extra holes meant it was for the salt, since you like it better and want more on your dinner (been there, done that).


Since the salt is finer than the pepper (generally speaking), it comes out faster. Have you ever been warned by your host at dinner that their salt shaker pours “a little fast”?


Well, the pepper doesn’t get as much of the lime light as the salt, and that’s really too bad.


As a child, I was very picky and didn’t like a number of things: mustard, pickles, crust, potato chips, and most importantly, pepper.


So I’d heap on the sodium and pass on the spicy, sneeze-inducing seasoning.


It wasn’t until recently that I even gave pepper a second look. What’s so good about black spicy flakes?


For one thing, you can SEE them. Unlike salt, you don’t have to taste as you go to ensure you don’t overdo it. You can paint your platter with the same desired amount every time without any measurement except that of what your vision deems acceptable.


Another plus to pepper is that it has substance. Unlike salt, it won’t dissolve into your food. It doesn’t just add flavor, but texture (depending on how much you use, and how course it is).


In a similar way, when you become a Christian, you find you must pepper Christ into your life. It doesn’t just make your life more interesting, but gives substance. Jesus illuminates how you see absolutely everything and makes His way into every aspect of your life, adding depth to things you’d never looked at as much of anything before. Every moment has substance. The dictionary defines substance as: the quality of being meaningful, useful, or important.


Part of peppering your life with Christ, really means to put on the full armor of God (see: Ephesians 6:10-20). These keep Christ at the center of everything and in turn, give you a life full of interest, meaning and flavor.


Also like pepper, everyone around you ought to see Christ living in you. Because much like the sprinkling of pepper, the works of Christ will definitely show.

Get shakin’!



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