The Magnets

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Most of us know how magnets work. There’s a positive and negative side to each magnet, and the opposite sides attract, while the similar sides retract (push away from each other).


Taking advantage of this magnet-science, we’ve grown accustom to seeing a gigantic magnetic wall up in every home we enter– also known as the fridge.


Placing reminders and diet charts, photos and recipes, drawings and the report card here– it’s basically the original Pinterest. And what keeps our treasures, phone numbers and quotes of the day in their proper place? Those magnets we buy at the scary dollar shop! (or fancy department store? Maybe that happens…)


Well, these particular magnets aren’t your ordinary inspirational Care-Bear magnets. They’re actually rocks!


No, really. Real rocks.


See, it’s actually really common for earth rocks and stones to contain magnetite, which makes them magnetic. They are called Loadstones, and they are naturally occurring, polished to shiny-perfection stones for the average rock-collector (you geologists out there already know about these!), to the average Joe wanting to keep his meal plans off the kitchen table.


Isn’t that cool? They’re very strong (not quite strong enough to link together and wear as a bracelet, however.), and stay nice for a long time. We’ve had ours for years and they still look great! Plus, it’s fun to tell visitors they’re just rocks– they usually don’t believe us!

The point? God created rocks that are magnets, which means He created magnets! Not impressed? Take away magnets and you don’t just lose the front of the fridge, but a handy way to pick up all those loose pins/needles/paper clips and nails that accidentally fell all over the carpet. The compass wouldn’t be there for you on those hiking adventures without magnets! And all the nail-polish enthusiasts would lose their magnetic polish! Its uses don’t end there; according to This Old House’s website, you can even use magnets to prevent corrosion inside your water heater; a magnet placed on the freshwater intake pipe catches damaging metallic calcium particles before they can get inside– good to know!

Just think of the little things we’d waste time on if it weren’t for magnets. Who wants to tape important dates to the refrigerator door, or spend three hours searching for needles in that lush carpet (that seemed like SUCH a good idea when your feet hurt at the store). God created with you in mind.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

Remember, if it’s there, God made it!



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